The #1 Solution For Thicker, Fuller Hair | NIOXIN Systems 3-4

The #1 Solution For Thicker, Fuller Hair | NIOXIN Systems 3-4

The #1 Solution For Thicker, Fuller Hair | NIOXIN Systems 3-4

Hold up! âś‹ Before you read about NIOXIN Systems 3-4 make sure to check out our recap on NIOXIN Systems 1-2.

So, you’ve heard about NIOXIN – the ultimate solution for thicker, fuller hair. But you’re still not quite sure on which system will work for you. You might be thinking, “Well, my hair isn’t overly chemically processed, but it’s been coloured so it’s not natural, and it’s thinning…what system do I use?” You might just use NIOXIN Systems 3-4…read below. 👇

NIOXIN SYSTEMS 3-4: For coloured hair (not overly processed) that’s thinning.

NIOXIN System 3

NIOXIN System 3 is the perfect solution to extenuate future hair loss for those who are dealing with lightly thinning hair. System 3 is meant for coloured hair. Hair that’s been coloured but not overly processed with chemicals. What System 3 does is remove follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acids and environmental residues, while amplifying hair texture, providing moisture balance and colour protection. Thereby delivering thicker, fuller hair, and of course, more vibrant colour. System 3’s technologies include: Pro-Color Shield, BioAMP, and Transactive Delivery System 2.0. (Scroll down for term definitions).

NIOXIN System 4

NIOXIN System 4 is for noticeably thinning coloured hair. It’s a step above NIOXIN System 3 for more progressed thinning. System 4 delivers similar, but stronger results in comparison to system 3, as it’s formulated towards protecting weaker hair which is more common with increased thinning – System 4 technologies include: Pro-Color Shield, BioAMP, and Scalp Access Delivery System 2.0.

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s get into the nitty-gritty details. Like what does Pro-Color Shield even mean…?

NIOXIN Technologies

The difference between NIOXIN and some other players in the market put simply is technology. NIOXIN focuses on three areas of the hair: derma, density, and diameter. Within each area, they have developed advanced hair technologies. In relation to the technologies mentioned above, Pro-Color Shield, BioAMP, Transactive Delivery System 2.0 and Scalp Access Delivery System 2.0, check out this diagram to see their meanings and which area they fall into.

Has this piqued your interest? Good – it’s exciting stuff! We can’t get enough of NIOXIN, and we can’t stop sharing it with our Salon Express customers. Just take a look at this before and after below – talk about amazing!

To find NIOXIN simply head to your closest Salon Express – locations here. Pop in during open hours – no booking is necessary – and one of our stylists will give you a free consultation to assess your hair needs and introduce you to the right NIOXIN treatment service and product for in-salon and take-home. Easy as that.

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