What’s Your Hair Pain Point?

What’s Your Hair Pain Point?

What’s Your Hair Pain Point?

 We’ve all been there, you know, that moment when you’re staring in the mirror and no matter what you do or try, your hair still falls flat or its dry and brittle from the weather or damaged from repeated chemical treatments 😤 – hair pains, we’ve all got them. But as we’re sure you’re thinking, “there must be a way to fix my hair, right?” Guess what, there is! 🙌

Salon Express has the newest haircare technology on the block  – Schwarzkopf Professional BC Fibre Clinix. (Move over Olaplex). What’s BC Fibre Clinix treatment, you ask? It’s tailor-made haircare that can be custom-formulated to meet your hair needs – and of course, put an end to your hair pains.

So, what are your hair pain points, and how can BC Fibre Clinix help? Check out the chart below for some guidance on which booster would help your hair. 👇

Dealing with more than one pain point? You’re in luck – boosters can be combined to create the ultimate personalised treatment!

Now that you’ve got your pain points down, learn how BC Fibre Clinix can help. Read booster descriptions below.

Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Booster: The ultimate team player, this booster performs magic on almost everyone’s hair. It quenches hair’s thirst and transforms dehydrated to luxuriously reborn – restoring overall moisture balance, natural bounce, and shine. This booster works especially well in the winter, as it restores the moisture that heaters can take away from your hair.

pH 4.5 Color Freeze Booster: Dull colour no more! This booster reveals and maintains the entire beauty of existing hair colour. It brings the hair to a pH of 4.5 – restoring the hair’s strength level back to virgin status and fully freezing colour pigments into the deepest levels of hair for ultimate colour perfection. If you’ve just recently coloured your hair and want to keep that vibrancy, this booster is for you.

Collagen Volume Boost Booster: The ultimate fix for flat hair, this booster will instantly energise fine, limp or weak hair and boost body and volume for a longer lasting, fuller hair feeling – especially when styling. Perfect for those that prefer a lighter haircare regime.

Keratin Smooth Perfect Booster: If unruly hair is your biggest pain, put a stop to it with this booster. It instantly tames and smooths hair, reducing bulky volume, giving each strand a super shiny, sleek look. Highly recommended for coarse and or bulky hair.

Peptide Repair Rescue Booster: Down to the last straw – no really, does your hair feel like straw from too many chemical treatments or colouring? This booster will bring your hair back from the dead. It reverses months of damage from colouring and chemical treatments – rebuilding elasticity and protecting each strand so the hair becomes a perfect base for future services.

Ready to rescue your hair and put an end to your hair pains? Come into Salon Express for a FREE consultation – no booking necessary! Share your pain points with our stylists, and they’ll assess your hair, needs, and customise the perfect BC Fibre Clinix treatment for your hair goals.

Oh, and did we mention benefits of treatment can be extended up to 60 washes when used in conjunction with Schwarzkopf Professional BC at home haircare products? ☺️

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